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     Steel and Spun-Concrete Transmission and Distribution Poles & Substation Structures
Lattice Transmission Towers, Substation Structures & Wind Generator Towers

Metal -Clad & Metal Enclosed Swtichgear to 38kV, Power Control Complexes & Metering Capabilities

Batteries: Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, Vented or Valve Regulated.  Battery Racks & Battery Chargers
 high voltage insulators by Lapp Insulators Porcelain Station, Line Post & Suspension Insulators.  Rodurflex Composit Insulators.
Distribution Insulators, Dead Ends, Pin types, Guy Strains & Spool
  UHV, EHV & Distribution Substation Class & Generator Step-up Tranformers.  Gas Circuit Breakers & GIS.

Instrument & Control Switches.  Lock-Out, Tagging, Control Switch & Selector Switch Relays.  Detent, Cam Action & Snap Actions Style

  Turnkey 46-138kV cable solutions engineered for the longest service life in the industry

Generator, Transformer & Intertie Protection Relays. LTC Transformer & Voltage Regulator Controls.  Transformer Paralleling.
  Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment
  Test Switches & Terminal Blocks
  Aluminum Switch Rack Assemblies. Synchronizing, 19" Rack & Custom Panels. SCADA Cabinets.
  AC/DC Distribution Panels. Custom & Transfer Switch Control Cabinets
  Plastibeton (Polymer Concrete) Trench & Channel Systems (H10 & H20 Ratings) & Underground Utility Boxes
Non-Conductive Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). Protruded & Molded Grating. Protruded Handrails, Ladder Systems & Structures. 

  Climbing and Working Ladders, Ladder Clips & Step Bolts

Hook-stick operated disconnect switch, Group operated disconnects, Power Connectors and Junction Boxes
Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers, CT & VT; Indoor and Outdoor applications.


Indoor & Outdoor Removable Transformer Fire Walls (4-hour rating)

GEA Renzmann and Gruenewald GmbH Power Transformer Cooling Systems. Oil Air Cooler, Oil Water Coolers & Oil Pumps.

Partial Discharge Monitoring (stationary & handheld); On-Line Cable Testing, Switchgear, Bus Duct, GIS.  

Solid State & Mercury Wetted Pulse Isolation Relays & Self Contained Relays (outdoor applications). Metering Pulse Totalizers/Registers.  Pulse Links.
Pole Gains, Bolt Covers, Meter Adapters, Cable Protectors, Penta-Head Wrench, HV & Primary Neutral Signs.
  "Polecrete"; two-part Polyurethane backfill product;  Cost-Effective alternative to pouring concrete, hauling crushed rock, or tamping soil for setting utility poles 

  Battery Chargers, Stationary & Mobile; DC Power Trailers; Battery Cabinets

  Digital Multi-Function Power Instruments (Monitoring & Analyzing); Portable Electric Power Analyzers

Corrosion Evaluation & Repair on Steel & Concrete Structures; Structure Risk Assessment
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